Business Psychodrama in your Workplace

You have an impact on your employees development

Business Psychodrama in the workplace, is an experiential form of service, allows the participants to explore employment conflicts through action methods (meaning of the name Psycho= soul, Drama= action, “soul in action”).

People may find psychodrama to be beneficial for the development of emotional well-being in the work-space as well as cognitive and behavioral new skills. When you get spontaneous and active instead of just talking in a “passive” way, you can find new approaches to your thoughts and behavior. The participants might feel immediately the benefit from experiential intervention.  

For example, when situations in your business gets often conflictual, instead of reaction, psychodrama can help you and your team to find a new respond to an old situation, to achieve empathy and better communication with your colleagues, and to develope a change with the help of ‘surplus reality’.   


Through this fascinating glimpse of the Psychodrama world – employees share their experiences and improve in their role-playing in the work environment.

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